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An agency created by small business owners for small businesses. 

Who Are We?

Matteson Marketing is not your typical Marketing Agency. Small business owners founded us for small businesses. We strive to bolster success through various tailored and personal services while keeping our prices manageable for a growing business. With constant communication with our clients and a very flexible and robust suite of tools at our client's disposal, we are able to catapult our brands to heights they have never reached before. We are proud to offer Big Solutions for Small Business.

Our Services

Social Media Marketing

With hundreds of thousands spent on ads on dozens of social media platforms, we are certified, practiced, and ready to launch robust marketing campaigns with your business goals as our priority.

Web Development and Design

Creating beautiful, responsive, device friendly, on-brand websites is something we do very well. Being a certified Wix partner, we use the newest and greatest software to construct masterful websites with constant input and collaboration from you, the business.

Graphic Design

A team of expert graphic designers motivated to deliver clients on-brand material, with unlimited edits and quick turnaround times.

Google, Bing, and PPC Ads

We are Certified PPC advertising professionals, with hundreds of thousands in ad spend. We drive conversions with high ROIs and robust end of month reports for every client.


Utilizing industry-leading techniques and technology, we can optimize your website for most search engines, so you populate above your competitors for specific keywords.

Mass Email Marketing

With our team of writers, proofreaders, and graphic designers, our clients have found great success with our Mass Email Marketing services.

Content Creation

We can create all of the content for any advertising efforts. Blogs, social media, emails, you name it. We can tailor all of our content to match your brand voice and further your brand image and goals.

Brand Creation & Management

Starting a business or need to re-brand. We are a professional Brand Builders. We can create your Brand Manual and maintain a healthy and prosperous brand image.


If you'd like to set your brand apart from the norm, we have a team of digital artists that can create anything you could imagine.

Professional Photography

Utilizing photos for marketing purposes and/or your website can have a substantial positive impact on your brand image. If your business is located near us, we do offer professional on-site photography packages to compliment our other services.

The Brands We Work With

Rated 5/5 Across All Of Our Small Business Clients

Google, Bing, & PPC Certified 

Constructing, developing, launching, and maintaining PPC ad campaigns is something that we excel at. We are a certified Google Partner and a Certified Microsoft Advertising Partner. Populate above your competitors in searches and capitalize on conversions. Intensive keyword research to maximize return on ad spend, daily optimization for high performing campaigns, and robust monthly reports are just a few reasons our clients trust us to with their PPC advertising.    

Certified Social Media Marketing Experts

Social Media Marketing is one of the best ways to build brand awareness, make those invaluable customer connections, build your audience, and get conversions. Advertising on social media can be a daunting and overwhelming task for a small business to navigate, luckily we are here to help! We are Facebook advertising partners, Instagram professionals, and youtube advertising experts. We can take care of any and all social media advertising needs. 

Flexible Tailored Services and Prices

We aren't like any agency. You could say we are anti-large agencies. Here's why: every large agency doesn't have the time or resources that we do to really get to know the business. How are you supposed to market for a business you barely know? Additionally, we operate under a rule we call "The Unlimited Rule". This means depending on what services you sign up for, aspects of the service will be unlimited. For instance, our social media services come with unlimited posts, unlimited graphic design for the posts, and unlimited hours worked. Our PPC campaigns are not charged by hours of maintenance or budget changes, the service comes with unlimited hours. Our mass email service comes with unlimited graphic design per email, the list goes on and on. We never charge for hours worked, or volume of posts, or size of campaign advertising budgets. We charge a flat rate per service, with no long term contracts, no strings attached.  Lastly, we work with you and your budget you are comfortable with to see what services would be best for your budget. Our prices and services are tailored to you and the best interest of your growing business.  


What others have to say about us

With many 5-Star reviews, we are lucky to have amazing small business clients.

Matteson Marketing is the most transparent marketing agency we have ever used. They get to know your business, they care about your bottom line and the overall health of your business, and they work so hard. In a sea of agencies that don't care about you at all and are just looking to take you for all that you are worth, Matteson Marketing is the opposite, a breath of fresh air."


- 5-Star Review From Escape Hour Gig Harbor

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