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Matteson Marketing is comprised of a team of small business owners turned certified marketing professionals. The perfect team combination to optimize your marketing plan and relate to your small business situation and needs. 

Our Story

Started out of necessity, thriving by transparency,

affordability, and communication. Matteson Marketing is

the agency for small businesses. Some back story: our

founder was and is a small business owner. Owning multiple

businesses he was constantly reached out to by a marketing

agencies. Though he quickly found out that there was one

glaring constant between them all. Each one over-promised,

under-delivered, and only spoke to the business come the

end of the month. Small businesses have to get their

money's worth out of everything they do and these agencies

weren't going to cut it. From years of agencies taking

advantage of his small businesses, Matteson Marketing was

Take everything you think you know about marketing

agencies and throw it out. We are not your typical agency.

With clients on 3 continents, millions of dollars in ad spend,

and a passion to see small businesses thrive, we are small

business-friendly. Prioritizing communication, value, and

direct and indirect return on investments, we ensure that we

are doing everything possible to provide the highest value to

at all times. We have an average response

time of 5 minutes and we talk to our small businesses almost

daily. It's crucial for us to do everything we can to see our

clients succeed. Now's your chance to ditch your current

agency to team up with one who actually understands what

it's like being a small business.

Some Certificates Worth Noting

We have taken the idea of an agency and completely changed it. Our competitors are getting frustrated, we can offer better quality, more communication, for much much cheaper. Why? Because we actually care about our small business clients, These other marketing reps have no idea what it's like to own and struggle as a small business. We do, before this agency we were small business owners, and we still run our small businesses currently. We know what these clients need, our competitors don't.

- Founder/CEO Drew
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